about me

Employed from the age of 14 for an hour each day after school having acquired a work permit. I entered the workforce at Terry de Havilland (Cobblers to the World) and on Saturdays at Hackney DIY.

Whilst in my teens I became involved with the Music and Entertainment Industry beginning with my own small weekly promotions until being offered a position at The London Dungeon, London Bridge. Working under Eva Saltman I was involved in the promotion of Black Tie Dinner Balls, Fetish Event Promotions, Record signings, and private events in a variety of themes with famous bands and celebrities of that period.


I became more involved with Nightclub Promotions and Music Events personally holding small weekly promotions in london venues capacities of between 50 to 200 patrons. Also venturing into the surrounding areas. These events built up quite fast resulting in my being offered work by Peter Stringfellow. I was given free rein in managing regular events at The Hippodrome in Leicester Square. Whilst there I became involved with the designing and distribution of my own promotional materials.


Working for Peter Stringfellow granted me access to numerous household name bands and celebrities of the time, allowing me easier access to book performances and guest appearances for my promotions thus enhancing the events and drawing in further interest and custom.


I left the nightclub scene as personal relationships took over importance and I became a Father. I found employment with FSST Ltd where I designed educational manuals and delivered classes for adult education in Information Technology and in the use of Microsoft Office, teaching spreadsheets and database skills. I was also responsible for building websites for small to medium businesses and tutoring the owners in maintaining them.


Later whilst a stay at home single parent home tutoring my son, I continued working from home creating websites for friends or customers in businesses. Through this I gained an interest in Photoshop and in image editing.

I still retain a high interest in all of the fields I have worked in. I am keen to improve and continually update my abilities and develop new experiences and skills.



hire me



Experienced at managing small to large events.


Experienced with Photoshop and Print


Experienced at various levels.



Laid back, non confrontational


Honest, open, helpful


To enjoy and be successful in what I do.


Corporate Image

Designing websites logos and stationery

Event Promotion

From concept to fruition

Crisis Management

Dealing effectively with industry issues






customised bespoke designs.

art & print

tailor made appealing designs


corporate identity and image creation and manipulation.

event promotion management

from concept to fruition.

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+44 7828 745 909