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Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation
What is Search Engine Optimisation, and Do You Need It?
Search Engine Optimisation is the method of improving hits to your website using natural organic unpaid or paid methods. Typically, the higher you are to the number one spot in the search results, the likelier you are to have that searcher visit your site.
Your website needs to be search engine optimised to have a better chance of being indexed by the search engines. Being on the 19th page of results does not have any value at all as most people might only check the results of the first few pages. So being on the first 3 pages is good, being on the first page is better!
SEO Charges
How much will Search Engine Optimisation Cost You?
SEO work is normally invisible to the customer, unlike a change to a webpage, you cannot visibly see what has been done. Not something anyone will enjoy paying for. We are happy to eliminate any doubts or concerns and let you know and see the processes we implement.
You can search engine optimisation as and when you choose at either an hourly, or a fixed rate.
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